My Art Portfolio

Here are some of my art adventures of recent years. They are mostly exhibitions and music.
I will be adding works, both unseen and seen artworks.
I have also more artworks in my Gallery and Webshop.

[Örn&Orn Spring is here!] 2024

This exhibition is the team work of Einar Örn and Davíð Örn. The vernissage was in May 2024 in Smekkleysa Shop in Reykjavik. It will be there until mid June 2024. The work is mixed media.

[miniature] 2022

The exhibition [miniature] consisted of 8 works I did straight to canvas with spray in a warehouse in Reykjavík. The installation was scheduled for one day only for 3 hours. Large works short time.

[afsakið ekkert hlé / sorry no break] 2022

Alveg einsog ekkert hlé hafi verið dettur mér í hug að hafa sýningu á verkum unninn síðustu tvö ár.
Áfram gakk.Like there has been no break, I got the idea to do an Exhibition of Works done in the past two years.
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[skilaboð / message] 2020

The spark for this exhibition was when I remembered meeting someone who said: “I want one of you pictures!” and I replied: “Well send me a message!”
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[auglýsing] 2019

My exhibition „auglýsing“ was in Reykjavík in November and December 2019 in Reykjavík.
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[constant] 2018

[Constant] was my final MA project and exhibited in Kópavogur in May 2018. It was a mixed media work, combining sound, plexiglass sculpture and performance.
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[einfalt/simple] 2017

Exhibition of wire sculptures, ceramics, drawings on paper and graffiti. The wire sculptures are a series I call Totally Wired.
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[listen 1023 seconds] 2017

Listening and notating the whispers. Drew whispers in the windows and used 1023 seconds to do them to the soundscape of the exhibition.
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[stormbird whispers] 2016

Notating the whispers of the stormbird on plexiglass in the museum
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[musings of two towers] 2015

Musings of Two Towers was in Listamenn Gallerí in Reykjavík. It was a an exhibition with my long time collaborator Curver Thoroddsen.
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[Using Time To Draw] 2014

Einar Örn used his time to draw, is my moniker. I am not wasting or spending time as I am using my time to draw instead of something else.
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Some art is available in The Gallery and Shop

And now the music.

Music has been an integral part of my life. Ghostigital is a band with two members, me and Curver Thoroddsen. We started to work together at the turn of the century. Our practice has been no practice as we work very sporadically together. Below is a sample of what we have done.

Not My Government

The Antimatter Boutique

Division of Culture & Tourism

In Cod We Trust


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