I did not find any smell yet. no-one had mentioned any smell. everybody around me are real polite when it comes to how I smell. most of them know I don’t bathe often. they sometimes snigger when I tell them that I have not taken a bath in three months


The prose book Drullusokkur I wrote in 1986. It was a limited to 25 copies. I was punched in the face the same week as the title means “shitheap”. Or possibly not because I wrote the book. Possibly it was just a drunkard, who said: “Einar” I said: “Yes”, and then he threw a punch which landed nicely, so nicely I flew over a few tables in Duus-hús in Fischersund in Reykjavik. I came around, and the guy was not seen anywhere.

It was 17 pages long. Below are three pages from it. The photo was taken by Jim Smart.

ég fann enga lykt ennþá. enginn hafði minnst á neina lykt. allir í kringum eru ósköp penir hvað varðar lykt af mér. þau vita vel-flest að ég fer ósköp sjaldan í bað. þau flissa kannski þegar ég segi þeim að ég hafi ekki farið í bað síðustu þrjá mánuði