Einfalt | Simple Exhibition

My exhibition Simple | Einfalt opened up last month in Gallery Gamma in Reykjavik. I exhibit sculptures from claystone, wire, and drawings. I did also some performance drawing into the gallery. I call the series of wire sculptures “Totally Wired” and the clay series “Cassius Clay” The exhibition will be until 8th of September until… Read More Einfalt | Simple Exhibition

“Anything Can Happen”: Ghostigital Converse Through Art

The Musings of Two Towers exhibition has run it course. It was for the first time me and Curver exhibited together. We got good response to the exhibition, where he showed 78 pieces and I showed 54 drawings. I am back to the drawing board, plotting and planning. John Rogers met us at the exhibition… Read More “Anything Can Happen”: Ghostigital Converse Through Art