Enter the thinking caps

The Thinking Caps
The Thinking Caps

I find it necessary on many occasions to use a cap. If it rains it serves as an umbrella. If the sun shines it is a sunbrella. If my hair has got an unruly order it is an hairbrella. And when I need to think it becomes the thinking cap.

These caps adorn 3 different drawings. And I decided to make them in a limited run of 33 of each. I also numbered each cap and signed.

So they are more than your usual cap. They are a piece of art. An art cap. The thinking cap. The drawings are stitched into the cap, so they don’t wash away.

These thinking caps are available in the shop here and if you are in Reykjavik you can get them in Herrafataverzlun Kormákar & Skjaldar on Skólavörðustíg.